College at last

School will start in two weeks, but it’s only one week until I fly to New York! I’m super nervous about moving, but hopefully I can adjust well and not freak out too much. I started organinzing today, so this time I should be on top of my packing. My great-aunt gave us a sweet discount from her luggage/handbag/backpack store, so we’ve got some new hard-shell luggage to use. I think they will last much longer than the cloth covered ones did.

I’m also excited because now I can actually order things from Amazon and expect them delivered within a week. After doing research on Head-Fi I’m planning to order V-Moda LP headphones since it’s been over a year and a half since I’ve had my own set. (also hoping to get a laptop stand, a Fiio E11, and another cheap set of earbuds.)

I think my family’s been pretty chill on buying new gear right now since they’re sending me and V off to college. I’ll think of it as a parting gift. College is going to be very expensive with both of us going at the same time, but Y will join us in two years… I’m feeling very proud of my FOUR-YEAR $80K SCHOLARHIP YEAAAHHH~ Anyway, I haven’t regularly posted in a very long time, which is very disappointing. I will make another effort this semester to post at least bi-weekly. Wish me luck!


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