I started by cleaning my entire room yesterday, including all my belongings still in the moving boxes. V helped me, and together we had to take two trips to recycle/throw away all my junk. What was left after the cleaning was surprisingly little. I don’t think I’ve ever had so few possessions since I was in 6th grade. To be fair, some of my things are stuck in a warehouse in the states, but most of those I believe I can toss out as well. I asked for packing tips on Head-Fi, but the ones who replied had basically moved their entire house into their college dorms before realizing it was a stupid thing to do… I don’t lack that much common sense. Since living in Taiwan, my living in excess has become painfully obvious, so I’m seeking to cut down on frivolous, material things, as Y puts it. (I’ll still buy a new pair of headphones, the old ones broke such a long time ago.)

Tonight I will go through my closet… thankfully I have not gained any weight, so all my clothes can still fit!


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