End of Orientation Week

is tomorrow, but there’s nothing much planned today and tomorrow, so I’m actually counting yesterday (Friday) as the real end of orientation. On one hand, I’m super excited for classes to start. On the other hand, I’m scared that I’ll end up failing them like I did with my previous English classes, or get a lower grade that I could have gotten due to laziness. Since there’s mostly one class a day, I feel like I’m going to be okay for now, but I really hope that I don’t get lazy later in the year.

It’s been a fun week, and I met a lot of new and nice people. A ton of the guys here give off a gay vibe, but that may just be the really weird styles they wear on their bodies and heads. My room/suite mates are nice, but there’s already some conflict between different lifestyles. I’m kind of disappointed that I don’t share any classes with them, but it’s a good thing that I won’t have any academic opportunities to mooch off of them. I met Daniel three days ago. He’s hanging out with other Chinese-speaking people, but I guess that’s to be expected from a real international student. I missed both of the trips that I paid for. I decided not to go to the Empire State Building, but I totally forgot to set an alarm for the Six Flags one. It was actually nice to spend the whole day in my room after walking around endlessly in the beginning.

I tried to practice karate in my room. It’s very different from practicing with everyone at the dojo, mostly because I have to really concentrate to notice every flaw or weak point in my technique. Due to limited space and the inability to stretch comfortably, I only did kihon. However, I’m pretty happy that I could perform reasonably well after being such a lazy butt. The only problem is that I’m too easily distracted, but if I continue practicing my kihon like this, I’ll get very good at it. Kumite and kata are a different story…

I wonder how my classes will turn out… so far, my drawing teacher is the only one who sent a class syllabus and supply list, so he seems the be the most anal one out of them. Fighting!


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