First week

Recap. A couple of days ago it rained, but the main lawn is still being watered regularly, so the grass is drowning slowly and the mud sticks thickly to the bottom of our shoes. It is the end of Week 1, and it was more intense than I expected. The only way I’ve been able to describe this week is “intense”, because I’ve never created/been introduced to this art stuff in such a large quantity in such a short amount of time. On the first day, I had drawing class. We drew. A lot. It was also the first time I drew from a live, nude model. Her vagina, tits, ass, and nice curves were in my face for at least 25 minutes. Most of the drawings were one minute gesture drawings, but my last 20 minutes of class were spent with her vagina open right in front of me. I don’t know how I could stop looking long enough to draw. We had to turn that last drawing in, but I think it was one of my worst that day. Right after, I went to English (HMS). I actually really like my professor; I think she is very nice and considerate, and she makes me want to improve my writing. I have high hopes for my English grade this semester.

On Tuesday I had 3D class. The first 90 minutes were spent in introduction, explanation, and demonstration of 3D lingo and woodshop tools. Then, we were set loose upon scrap wood and very dangerous metal blades. That was my first time using a handheld power saw and those fancy multi-thousand dollar sawing machines. I felt like I nearly attached my wooden model into my palm with a nail gun. I was way too tired at the end of class to care much about anything, but luckily I had enough motivation to power through and bang out the Common Experience essay (narrative about my arrival to New York) for the English class (HMS). I’m actually very happy with the way it turned out, except that the ending was a little bit rushed. I’m going to put it in a separate post, but I will most likely extend the ending before I turn it in, since the deadline was extended another week.

On Wednesday I had art history and HMS again. After arriving late to art history, the professor did this little review of the previous course (prehistory to Gothic architecture), and I remembered every piece on the slide. Next we did a preview thing of the course itself (Proto-Renaissance to Rococo), and I remembered about 80% of the images. She actually suggested me and two other kids who did AP art history to find another art history class that we’re interested in, because she didn’t want us to sit in her class, bored with material we’ve learned before. That actually gave me a couple hours of free time, but I did talk to the department head for undergrads about my placement. In English we went over George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”. It was very interesting to learn about types of bad writing, but I don’t know if I can avoid writing that way. Again, this was super tiring, just because I had to go back and forth from so many places (up and down floors, on and off campus, around and confused in buildings).

On Thursday I had the Light, Color, and Design class (LCD). I actually very much like using color, but using colored pencils in a classroom with such stale and humid air was nauseating. My impatience and frustration really prevented me from doing much better than I did, which only irritated me even more. I think I had the most in-class difficulty in working, even though I like my professor a lot. I really hope the class experience gets better, or at least the maintenance installs an A/C, because I already have problems doing homework for drawing and 3D. This day was also E’s birthday, and we had a fucking delicious dinner at a Southern cuisine restaurant.

On Friday I was busy in the morning. I didn’t have class, but I went to buy art supplies and talk to the art history department co-chair about my placement. I ended up getting myself placed in 19th Century Art, so I will be a freshman in a class full of sophomores. I hope my new professor doesn’t count the first week as an absence, because I wasn’t even registered in her class when it was held. (She only allows two absences before a drop in our grades.) I also hope there will be a fellow freshman whom I can study with. Everyone else in my floor is in HA 115, and I don’t think the other two AP kids registered in the same section as me. My 4D prof was changed at the last minute, so I don’t know anything about her teaching ability. She also went to Pratt for undergrad, and she comes from Texas. I don’t know if this is a stereotype or anything, but she talks in a voice that mushes all the words together in a single tone, similar to a string of legato notes at the same pitch, but in a discord that grinds away your ear’s nerves.

Today is Saturday. I practiced piano a lot today (and yesterday). I also did my laundry, but spent more money than needed thanks to fucking broken machines. I didn’t even wash E’s and my new sheets. Why the fuck do they charge so much? Why doesn’t the card machine accept one dollar bills? And for whatever reason, black servers are always way too fucking slow. It doesn’t matter if you’re at Burger King, a grocery store, a school cafeteria, or a muffin shop/cafe, the service is just way too slow to be worthy of any praise.

Because of current social life, I will start a new post category for rants, titled “rants”. Creative, I know.


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