Rant01: Dirt and more dirt

E and T’s unusually quick bond, their complaints about J, and terrible classmates.

First off, it was really very nice to meet E and T’s parents. Although I didn’t get to meet J’s, I at least have some level of friendship with her. E and T are a different story.

J has some illegal habits that E and T frown upon. Although E/T have both admitted to smoking pot and treading lightly in other fun substances, they display somewhat hypocritical behavior to J. I mean, they fucking act like the white bitches in Mean Girls.

So E looked over my shoulder when she was closing the blinds and she sneaked a peak and now they’re hovering over me, begging like puppies to read my rant. They think that I’ve written the whole thing already. As you can see, I have just barely started. They know that I am definitely going to include the story of the dirt they brought and tracked in today, but they don’t know that I will also be talking about J. I have put them off for now, by saying that they can read this rant after i’m done writing it, but since the content will include my disproval of their judgmental ways, I really think it would be much wiser to hold off showing them until AT LEAST half way into the semester.

I want to write in peace, because I now believe strongly in the power of stress release through writing. They just keep talking, but I really need them to go away so that I can continue typing in comfort and security. I guess this is off topic  from the main focus of this rant, but I do want to elaborate on the habit/trait of theirs. I suppose it is a skill taught in Western families, to show great hospitality and openness, but it is crossing the line  a little  in privacy.

Holy shit they party way more than I initially thought, and that was AFTER I found out that they partied very often in high school.

I really need to get into the mood for writing a rant, so I suppose I shall finish this rant and continue it in a second post, when I am able to write more expressively.

EDIT: I’m over with this.


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