SNSD’s 2nd concert in Taiwan

I think it happened yesterday. Now there’s two SNSD concerts in my own country I’ve missed out on because I’m too sissy to buy a ticket and go by myself. 




I wish.

Karate update!

I took the shodan test yesterday, and I think I passed!

There’s three parts to the test: kihon, kata, and kumite. For me, there were four parts, because my preparation for the test was also an important challenge. I’m going to elaborate more later, so for now I’ll leave my post like this. 


I want to ask all these male artists whose work involves women posing in irrelevant or fantasy landscapes, what is the fucking significance of using a nude or “pretty” woman? And why are there so many of these fucking paintings? Why do all the hyperrealist artists happen to be male and draw only nude women?

Updated my artwork! and other things

Yes, yes, I let my blog shrivel up this semester. However, the good news is, I’m going to college at Pratt Institute this fall, and I’ve uploaded my artwork onto this blog (see “My Art”). I hope you guys like what I’ve done! I admit I was extremely rushed the last three weeks, and ended up with pieces that could have had more time spent on them, but overall I think I got two solid portfolios for the AP people. I’m hoping for at least a 4 on both of them. 

I will try to post regularly again as soon as possible. 

Happy Birthday Kim Taeyeon!

Hello to another year of your wonderful existence! I realized that I have been quite detached from your world recently, and that I plan to continue on like this. However, there will be few things on this planet that will make me forget about you and the eight other women that you call your sisters. I’ll remember you, for as long as my memory allows me to. May you have a wonderful 24th birthday.

I saw a hooker in the elevator

We were waiting to go back up to our apartment after taking out the trash. When the door finally opens, this really skinny lady came out, wearing fishnet stuff, heels, a ton of makeup, and shiny, faux-leather clothing. She came out of the elevator so fast that she almost bumped into me, but I think she really wanted to leave without anyone seeing her, because she had her head down when she met us. This was about 11am on a Saturday morning. I’m just really surprised because most of the people who live in my apartment building are young families.

End of the semester

With the end of today, I’ve finished all my finals for the semester! Tomorrow, as a kind of “school treat”, the whole school will be going biking at one of the nature parks in Taiwan. We’re supposed to do the 11km trail, which is 22km total as a round trip. I’ll try to write something about the biking trip, assuming I don’t die of exhaustion on the trail.

Truth be told, I actually didn’t have too much pressure this time except for that board game. When I get my game back, I’ll take some photos and upload them for you to see. I have to say so myself, I’m awesome. I can’t believe I finally finished that project. I also can’t believe I have all A’s and B’s this semester. Things are coming along very nicely right now, so I can confidently say that I am happy (for now).

UPDATE: The bike trip ended up being easier than I thought. I was actually the third high school student to finish. The first two guys rode on one of those double bicycles together. The way to the endpoint was very peaceful, and the view was amazing. The trail followed the shoreline for about 4km, then went into a small forest, and over these five giant pedestrian bridges (actually called the Rainbow Bridges) for 3km, and then next to the shoreline again for the rest of the way. The way back was like murder. I didn’t realize it until I started on the way back, but the wind at the beach was blowing pretty hard, and by the time I turned back it jumped up to rainstorm speed, whipping my hair around my head. If I was biking about 20km/h on the way there, my speed on the round trip would average out to be 12km/h. All in all, I enjoyed to trip, considering I forgot to change out of my jeans.

Happy New Year!

Last night I saw a ton of fireworks! Because we live on the 19th floor, my family has the fucking most perfect view in the universe. We got to see not only the city’s fireworks, but also the ones set by private families/pubs/restaurants all over the city. The entire skyline was filled with fireworks (although some were pretty far away), and the shows all lasted at least 10 minutes. Some of the people here party pretty hard on New Year’s, so I think the last firework went off around 3:30am. I love our new apartment. 

I thought I would spend more time during break writing/making my home on the internet, but that idea kind of went away when I remembered my homework. So far I’m on top of things. The biggest assignment I have is to make a board game for Macbeth for my Brit Lit class. I did get a little too distracted by the design opportunity, so I have almost nothing planned out for the actual game storyline (in exchange for some pretty cool game cards and pieces). 

I don’t think I’m helping matters much by starting Supernatural from Season 1, but I’m definitely more time-efficient than last year!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is already over, but have a Merry Christmas anyway! Don’t forget to watch this video and enjoy this gif!